Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Newsletter

We are now taking memberships for 2015 we would like to have all renewals done by the end of December. Why don’t you do it now so that all the bills don’t come at once. Our club insurance is due in December and it will probably be around $2700. Send your personal information and your NRA number along with $60 to DSC, PO Box 795, Mitchell, SD 5730. Call me at home 996-4190 if you need anything. Thanks to all of you that went to vote. Hopefully you will appreciate that the election turned out well for protecting our way of life. We need to stay informed about what the new people are doing and watch the incumbents so they don’t turn on us. Please stay informed and be watchful and don’t be afraid to let Pierre or Washington know when they overstep the Constitution and existing law. Maybe we might even gain some things back. Elections will be held the first Tuesday ( the 2nd) in December for the 2015 Year. We normally have refreshments.


Chuck Oster

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