Davison Shooting Club

Firearms Safety and Range Rules

  • Unloaded Firearms:  All firearms will be unloaded prior to entering building with them.
  • Cased or Holster;  All firearms will be in a carrying case or holster when bringing them into the building.
  • Uncased or Unholstered:  When bringing a firearm into the building that is uncased or unholstered, the firearm will have the cylinder and or action open and the clip removed.
  • Firing Line;  On the firing line is the only place in the building a firearm with the cylinder closed, action closed, clip in the firearm, or loaded and pointed down range will be permitted.
  • Alcohol;  If you have alcohol on your breath, you will not be allowed in the firing range area.  If you have alcohol on your breath you will not be allowed in the building with a firearm in your possession.
  • Firing line:  In the range area and on the firing line ear protectors will be used.  Ear protectors are provided by the shooting club or your own will be used.
  • Eye Protection:  In the range area and on the firing line it is strongly recommended that eye protectors be used.  Eye protectors are provided by the shooting club or you may use your own.
  • Ear & Eye Protection:  Any and all person or persons under the age of 18 will use ear and eye protectors when in the range area and on the firing line.
  • Firearms:  When aiming and or firing your firearm always raise firearm up to the target.  Never bring firearm from top of target downward towards target.  This will prevent holes in the ceiling.
  • Ammunition:  All damaged and or misfire ammunition will be put in the metal container that is provided and in the range area.  Do not throw this type of ammunition on the range floor or in the trash container.
  • Firing line:  When using sand bags, chairs or other items on the firing line, remove all items off the firing line when leaving including centerfire brass.
  • Firing Line:  No one will go beyond the firing line at any time without the permission from the range officer.
  • Firing Line:  Before leaving the firing line double check your firearm to make sure the firearm is unloaded, cylinder is open, action is open and clip is removed.
  • Meeting Room:  All range and safety rules will be met when a firearm is in the meeting room.  No playing with firearms allowed.
  • Meeting Room:  No smoking allowed in meeting room during meetings or any other time range officer does not permit smoking.
  • Firearm Safety & Range Rules:  All members and non members will follow the firearm safety and range rules.
  • Range Officer:  All firearms safety and range rules will be enforced by the range officer.
  • Remember:  Accidents do not happen they are caused.  It is  always the unloaded firearm that injures and or kills someone.

We expect all shooters to adhere to the following principles of gun safety at all times: 
  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. 
  • NEVER point the gun at something you don’t intend to shoot. 
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. 
  • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. 
  • ALWAYS know your target and what is beyond. 
  • ALWAYS know how to use the gun safely. 
  • ALWAYS use proper ammunition.