Sunday, February 9, 2014

January Newsletter

DSC-FSC member, welcome to 2014 and the cold that is coming with it. We had a very good year in 2013 with membership numbers and we thank you all. We really would like to maintain and grow even more in 2014. Your membership provides you with a place to shoot and covers many bills that most of you do not see. One example would be the $2532.14 for the insuring of DSC for 2014. Another is the $400 it will cost us to put a new alarm system in. We also intend to ad on some storage space when the weather gets nicer. All in all you being part of DSC makes it possible for everyone to continue to have a place to shoot. Many of you have sent me your e-mail and NRA numbers which we need to conserve money on mailing and to be able to qualify for grant money for the range. Thank you. It is time to pay your 2014 dues. $60 for a family. Send to PO Box 795 , Mitchell SD 57301.

Thanks Chuck

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